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Football Manager 2010 v10.2.0

Crash Fixes

- Fixed an issue where Barcelona's finance screen would crash
- Fixed a rare crash after a World Cup final
- Reduced the memory usage within the game
- Put fixes in to stop the tactics crash during a match

- Fixed bug where a player who had gained home-grown status for one club, wasn't treated as home-grown in nation for another club in the same nation.
- Set African newgens with second nationalities to use African names only.
- Adjusted second nationalities for English newgens.
- Adjusted attendances for U20 World Cup and other international final tournaments.
- Older extra players created at some amateur clubs now all have amateur contracts rather than part-time.
- Adjusted the CA/PA levels of newgens created at the very small clubs.
- Adjusted the chances of better newgens being created at smaller clubs in big footballing nations.
- Fixed bug where kit pictures in low detail matches didn't match up with the kit colours used for the match.
- Fixed code in a players media history when they have been left out of a squad.
- Added support for multiple team chants in match_sounds.cfg file.
- Adjusted assistant feedback during the match on tackling.
- Fixed bug where returning from holiday on the day of a postponed match would allow the manager to play the postponed match.
- Away teams with the same colour shorts as the home team are now less likely to change to a different kit (Rangers and Celtic now both use first kits when they play each other)
- Players now automatically receive the most basic appropriate injury treatment if they get injured while their club has no physio.
- Added Composure and Concentration to be included in Goalkeeper training.
- Adjusted English cup attendances.
- Fine tuned physical attribute decline on average and below average players.
- The number of database changes made now is shown on the game information screen.
- Fixed a penalty shootout match divergence bug.
- Trial Days are no longer held at stadiums that aren't in use.
- Players now get a reputation boost when they win their first cap.
- Fixed bug where touchline instructions were already set going into a new match.
- Adjusted FA Trophy semi-final and final attendances.
- Fixed problem when more than one achievement was given at the same time, which would sometimes cause an achievement to not be properly registered as achieved.
- Key man watch correctly states that a player went of injured rather than substituted.
- Adjusted quality of newgens available in the MLS draft.
- Stopped the user been able to make lots of money as a small team by arranging lots of friendlies against high reputation opposition.
- Improved selection of organisation of friendlies.
- Fixed international manager getting inundated by scout reports on players who simply aren't good enough.
- Stopped some Irish players taking up British citizenship for no reason.
- Fixed Daniel Carvalho's days to gain nationality for Russia being incorrect (need to start new game)
- Improved World Cup squad selections, making sure teams aren't short on strikers.
- Stopped domestic division record attendance's being set by neutral venues at play-off finals etc.
- Stopped players being able to complete days to gain nationality by going on trial to that nation.
- Improved average ratings for lower leagues in the basic detail match engine.
- Reduced game memory usage.
- Improved squad rotation for basic detail matches, especially with regard to Europa League matches.
- Improved manager of the month selection.
- Fixed "Most Games Without Losing" not being updated for the recent records entry for teams.
- Fixed number of minutes played in player statistics not being recorded for friendly matches.
- Fixed issue with human managers registration of players at clubs with retired squad numbers, sometimes a player would be unregistered.
- Made it easier for players to get onto the icon & legends lists.
- Tweaked assistant feedback during match on players being played out of position.
- Made it easier to get a the feeder club when you get to pick a club yourself.
- Fixed a bug where trying to send a player to a feeder club is cancelled because the team cannot afford the fee.
- Allowed the PPM "Tries to Play Way Out of Trouble" to be removed via preferred move training.
- Made it more difficult for managers to get onto the legend list.
- Stopped some nations from retaining too many players from Africa at the start of the game.

- Fixed <person#2-> code appearing in inbox item about job interest.
- The media now picks up on the fact if a big player has been left out of the league squad.
- Players now get upset if left out of a clubs league squad.
- Weakest player is displayed on the post match analysis screen again.
- Delaying a transfer in a hot seat game results in 'Delay' action buttons appearing on other user's news screen when nothing to do with him.
- Fixed <team#1> variable occasionally appearing in announcements about stadium improvements.
- Fixed User being told that they need to give a Squad Number to the player who went the other way in a transfer deal.
- Fixed individual player goal tally in match report news item.
- Fixed user getting Promotion Odds news item for the league they have just been promoted from.
- Prevented possibility of duplicate transfer window opening news item appearing in inbox.
- Fixed "has expressed a desire to take the vacant assistant manager post" news when position not currently vacant.
- Fixed news item declaring injury has resulted in player being disappointed to miss crucial game, but player is ineligible anyway.
- Player profile no longer states that the player 'may look to move to a bigger club in the future' and 'wants to move to a bigger club'.
- After signing a youth coach the news item [Assignments] button now takes the user to the youth coaching assignments screen.
- Nation release players news item button now takes you to the correct list of players.
- Declaring interest in a player on trial now mentions their owning club rather than the team they are on trial with.
- Fixed number of 'Goals' and 'Conc' in club mini-profile could become multiplied for teams in leagues with more than one stage.
- Fixed <team#1-> and <media_source#1-> occasionally appearing in national news item about player being suspended for a match in an international tournament.
- Fixed <comp#1-> showing in a news item informing you the most man of the match record has been broken.
- Stopped press conference asking about star player missing for a final when the player is not a first team player.
- Fixed press conference question about bringing a player out of international retirement having a drop-down box instead of a set of answers.
- Fixed news item incorrectly states player failed to make a single appearance during loan spell.
- Fixed "No Shocks" cup round up wording where it picks a match that couldn't have been an upset.
- Fixed issue where previous awol status wasn't being stored which could lead to news items being received about a player being missing from training for the first time.

- Fixed players occasionally being removed from subscriptions without user unsubscribing.
- Setting/unsetting active shortlists should subscribe/unsubscribe you as appropriate.

- Adjusted code to allow more clubs to make offers for offered out players.
- Fixed an issue whereby coach/scout would state player would be interested in loan move, but in fact he wasn't.
- Adjusted code to fix a couple of issues regarding players starting squad status.
- Fixed issue whereby some lower league teams starting squad statuses contained too many key players.
- Helped clubs be more responsive to replacing first team players once sold.
- Fixed issue whereby certain teams would not look to renew player loans.
- Fixed issue of missing rejection news item when offering a player for transfer but stating player is unavailable for loan.
- Fixed issue whereby user receives multiple rejection news items when offering a player for transfer but setting player to unavailable for loan.
- Eased problem of trying to offload high earning players via offer to clubs by getting a lot more players ask the selling clubs to contribute towards his new salary.
- Fixed issue whereby player would ask for too much of a wage contribution from selling club.
- Added appeal hearing for Chelsea transfer ban.
- Changed dates for Chelsea's transfer ban.
- Fixed some issues to do with strikers being placed in reserve squads even though are playing first team football and scoring some goals.
- Fixed negotiation issue when player is transfer listed, has a lower asking price than display price and the bid involved monthly instalments, negotiation would be for more than asking price.
- Prevented massive clubs when not part of active division from targeting unusual backup goalkeepers from active divisions.
- Prevented clubs with global transfer bans from being able to 'Match Bid' for players at affiliate clubs.
- Fixed a couple of issues regarding a player not being interested in renewing his loan with his existing loan club.
- Prevented players returning from loan and being listed without human managers consent.
- Made it more likely for a staff member to accept a contract offer from his current club over a deal offered by a different club.

- Fixed issue whereby selling club would overate players when being sold and be too harsh in terms of transfer confidence.
- Fixed issue whereby selling club would place too much emphasis on recent performances, even though they weren't that good and return really low confidence values.

Player Interaction
- Players can now be given a leave of absence when they are struggling to settle in the area.
- Linked players are now only displayed if there is player interaction that requires a linked player.

- Fixed Rangers starting finances.
- Adjusted ticket prices for the lower level English leagues.
- Removed collective win bonuses for Spanish cups as the prize money in these competitions is low and resulted in very low bonus money as well.
- Adjusted Swedish wages.
- Fixed Slovenia clubs don’t offer clean sheet, goal etc bonuses.
- Adjusted Slovenia wages.
- Adjusted South African Wages.
- Adjusted Mexican wages.
- Adjusted Danish national team attendances.
- Adjusted Scottish finances.
- Fixed some away teams not receiving friendly appearance money.
- Adjusted English low league finances.
- Adjusted rich Middle East team wages.
- Fixed budget Wage/Transfer budget discrepancy when transferring between the two.

Backroom Advice
- Action buttons are now removed if you do the action using the right click menu e.g. setup a scouting assignment on a scouting recommendation piece of advice.
- Youth team goalkeepers ability advice is no longer separate from the youth team player standard advice.
- Stopped second opinion advice contradicting themselves regarding the standard of youth team players.
- Fixed action buttons causing screen over run.
- Improved staff members recommendations on which players deserve to get pro contracts.
- Stop backroom advice meeting reminders if the player has been to the screen since the last news item was sent.
- Made sure the player is taking to their inbox when the backroom advice meeting invites are sent.
- Made sure there is advice generated when the player is invited to a backroom advice meeting.
- Contract renewal advice is no longer generated if the user doesn't handle that players contract renewal.
- Current formation advice no longer suggests the same formation the user is currently using.
- Eligible for a pro contract advice is now offered on players on youth contracts who are not in the youth team squad.
- Withdraw bid advice button now always removes the transfer offer.
- Stopped advice about renewing players on trial contracts.
- Stopped numerous pieces of advice been suggested again after the turn of the month.
- The suggested nation to scout in the nation to scout advice no longer keeps changing.
- Decreased the amount of training advice generated in each meeting.
- Tactical advice no longer recommends formations or team instruction the current formation is using.
- Increased the time between staff advising you to recommend a future role to.

Board Takeovers
- Added code which prevents non-nationals becoming chairmen if applicable in a given country.

- Match formation panel now updates correctly when substitutions are made.
- Added missing space in A Thr(R) column heading.
- Nationality string on player profile will now display correctly if they are declared for that country.
- Fixed bug where squad number goes missing on pitch panel when a player is swapped for another player on the player list panel.
- Fixed bug where option to create a filter from the Filter drop-down when on player searches was never enabled.
- Removed team facts division column if it is not applicable rather than showing blank data.
- Fixed minor layout issue when creating a new note.
- Live league table on the competition screen now updates properly in network game.
- Contracts section is no longer going to be visible for unattached players.
- Ensured player duty/roles menu can't be selected for an AI tactic when they haven't selected a player for a given position.
- When confirming/cancelling tactics, the user is now always taken back to the previous view correctly.
- If user is on the assistant's feedback page before a highlight starts, he is returned there after it finishes now.
- Fixed problem that caused scrollbar to reset when assigning position to a player on the tactics screen.
- Fixed colour clash problem which sometimes caused the player numbers to be unreadable in the 2d match view.
- Centred the number when dragging a shirt on the tactics pitch.
- Fixed problem with the date panel which caused one of the column headers to appear selected when clicking one of the dates from 1st-7th January.
- Back/Forward buttons no longer changes state for a moment when changing screens.
- Latest Results button will now be disabled if it isn't possible to go backwards or forwards through fixture dates.
- Board confidence snapshot on manager home page will no longer be available for international youth teams.
- Make An Offer option will no longer be available if the user already has an active offer in place for a player.
- Fixed bug where Reports section would be missing from staff employed by a user's national team.
- Calendar timeline will no longer display data from an old save game when returning to the start screen.
- Phil Jagielka now listed as a DC instead of a GK when he is on the bench and the user is using the quick sub dialog.
- Fixed text bleed on holiday options dialog when using French language.
- Re-arranging an international friendly via a friendly rejected news item now shows the correct fixture dates.
- Fixed some minor issues with the match screen split view changing of views.
- Disabled advisor about placing a job advert if the human is unemployed.
- Disabled advisor about adding players to a shortlist if the human does not have a club job.
- Disabled advisor about signing a player when on the player search screen and right clicking on a player.
- Match analysis tab is now disabled for matches that were played without the full match engine.
- Remove picture button when adding a new manager will now only be enabled if the user chooses a picture, rather than whenever they select to add one.
- Last 5 games table for competition split over multiple league stages (Swiss Super, Scottish SPL, etc) now uses the correct fixtures.
- Fixed problem with international scout reports not appearing sometimes on the team squad screen.
- Added information about the current view on the shortlist/player search screens.
- Ensured sorting order of players on quick substitution menu is correct after making substitutions.
- Made sure the news snapshot panel is hidden when there is no extra information to display for the news item.
- Fixed a couple of problems which would cause the calendar bar to no update properly.
- Fixed a slowdown that would sometimes happen on the match preview screen.
- Ensured calendar timeline is cleared down if the player gets kicked out to the join network screen.
- Icons off the pitch will now be drawn on the small match view panel when changing tactics mid match.
- Nationality selection menus when adding a manager will now disable the corresponding selection (eg England will be disabled for second nationality if chosen for first).
- Split view action zones view menu will now always have the current view displayed 'ticked'.
- Match strategy changes on the quick tactics panel will now have "Pending" next to them until they are actually active.
- Removed touchline instructions will now only be removed from the list of touchline instructions when they are no longer active.
- It is now possible to hide the Touchline Instructions panel when waiting for a quick substitution to be carried out.
- Added international qualifiers to screen flow competitions list.
- Team Award and Best Eleven screens remember the year selected when leaving the screen and coming back.
- Fixed bug where user is sometimes taken to classic pitch view instead of the previous TV view after confirming tactics.
- The released players list is now kept on the transfers panel when going back to the panel after viewing a player profile or other screens.
- Fixed problem where recently made touchline instructions are removed if they are made just after making tactical changes.

- Blank rows no longer appear on the backroom advice screen on the client.
- Forced continue timer now doesn't stop when a user changes screens.
- Fixed some network game issues when using custom editor data.
- Clubs removed from the database when creating a new game now get shown correctly on network clients when viewing staff history.
- Fixed issue where highlights are sometimes set to "Full Match" during network game matches.

- Newly created teams and competitions can now be set correctly in playing histories.
- Can now enable the "Capacity for All Seater Competitions" option for stadiums in the editor.
- Added "Cuts Inside" player preferred move to the editor.
- U21 and U19 national manager jobs now show up correctly.
- Adding new award histories now works correctly.
- Club legends added in the editor now show in game.
- Permanent flag can now be set on favourite and disliked person relationships.
- Can now set a stadium for a Super Cup match.
- Sorting players by position now sorts from Gks to Strikers instead of alphabetically.
- Retiring a player in the editor now removes him properly from his club.
- Group stage cups now work if only 1 group is set.
- Club maximum age field can now be edited.
- Future transfers added in the editor are now included in the checks for retaining people at the start of the game.
- Descriptions table now added to the editor.
- Can now set negative non player potential abilities.
- Fixed issue where players with edited history would have their pre-game history cleared after the second time the game is saved then loaded.
- Super cups now start in the second season if no teams are found in competition history for the first season.
- Raised number of database records shown in list boxes from 1000 to 50000.
- Adding a B club to a club now copies the colours over from the main club.
- Minimum Percentage Of Games Played field in an award record can now be enabled correctly.
- Added missing MLS player variables to the editor.
- The editor will automatically use the same user data folder, if this has been changed in the preferences in the game.
- Can now set player homegrown at club/in nation status in editor.


- Fixed league scheduling issue where an Easter Monday matchday is scheduled next to a Tuesday matchday.

- Teams qualifying for the Final of the Caribbean Championship no longer get asked to pick a new squad for the match.
- Fixed U21/U20/U19 international applications.
- Host nation of World Cup now needs to be from a confederation which hasn't hosted it in the last 2 tournaments.
- Fixed international squad announcement news item reporting player as being 'left out of the previous squad' when he was called up to the last squad as a replacement.
- New European Championship 2012 qualifying format and correct seedings implemented.
- Fixed bug where top 6 teams from U19 Euro Champs were sometimes not qualifying for the U20 World Cup.

- AFC Cup now uses 7 subs instead of 9.
- Some prize money changes for the Champions League.

- Small fix done for calculation of European club/nation coefficients.
- European competition prize money updated.
- Vaduz can now qualify to the Europa League through the Liechtenstein Cup.

- Bottom two Argentine Second Division teams in the average points table are now automatically relegated.

- One less round of fixtures used for the Australian youth league.

- Removed rule that Belgian teams in Division 1 and Division 2 need to select 2 U21 players in their matchday squad.
- Added undersoil heating requirement for Belgian Division 1 teams.

- Fixed some squad rules issues to do with non EU players.

- Fixed incorrect teams taking part in the Chilean First Division Closing Stage Knockout phase.

- China trial day now occurs during the transfer window.

- Players from Cotonou nations now need work permits to play in Denmark.
- Some missing teams added to 2009 Danish Cup.

- Fixed missing prize money for Semi Finalists and Runner Up of English League Cup

- Fixed Greek Superleague TV revenue distribution.

Hong Kong
- Adjusted Hong Kong's continental competition qualifiers (League Winner and Senior Challenge Cup winner qualify).

- Stopped friendlies being scheduled after the start of the season.
- Norwegian Premier playoff semi final now is one leg.
- Added Norwegian Super Final

Northern Ireland
- Fixed Northern Irish Premier Division league match being rearranged due to a Reserve team fixture.
- Fixed Northern Ireland Premier Division number of subs named changing after league split.
- Three from Five subs for Steel & Sons Cup and County Antrim Shield.

- Trial players are not allowed to play in competitive matches.

- Can now arrange friendlies for Romanian teams during the winter break.

- Fixed Russian Premier League fixtures and World Cup Qualifying fixture clashing in March 2009

- Both Scottish Cup semi finals are now played at Hampden.
- Correct prize money figures for semi final and final.

South Korea
- Fixed winning the K-League Championship Playoff not being regarded as winning the title in some places (e.g. board confidence).

- Fixed Swiss Cup seedings for 1st two rounds.

United States
- US Development League teams no longer keep hold of too many players.
- US Open Cup winner now qualify for the North American Champions League.
- Replacing a draft allocation with a different draft allocation on the transfer offer screen now correctly sets it as a new proposal.
- The Superdraft and Waiver Draft dates now appear in the league schedule.
- Contracts in the MLS now finish in December.
- Removed budget adjustment from the board room screen as MLS clubs aren't allowed to make any adjustments to their budgets.
- MLS teams can no longer offer loan wages over the maximum non Designated player limit.
- Improved AI squad management in the MLS.

Match Experience

- Added animation for player placing ball at set piece
- Fixed missing kick animations when players send ball to set piece taker or centre circle for kick off
- Added "Runs Past Opponent" to the match graphical analysis tool.
- Fixed some various small issues with tracking of certain type of passes and crosses.
- Added team talk option to the quick sub dialog.

Match Engine

Match v814
- Couple of fixes to make player reactions to certain deflections more realistic
- Change to interpretation of what should be added to the tackle count
- Encourage first time finish when ball comes to player at pace close to opposition goal
- Reworked defensive positioning at direct free kicks to a more zonal based type
- Further fix to prevent rash decisions to leave ball to keeper
- Small fix to make extra sure players look to intercept balls coming towards them
- Tweak to make sure defending team players continue to mark ball player until it is clearly pointless
- Make players get a little tighter to ball player when possible (slightly more so when asked to mark tight )
- Allow players to drop back a little further to mark opponents when required and not logical to push D-line up
- Made more limited players who are playing higher tempo, more direct style a little more simplistic and direct in terms of on ball decisions
- Tweak to willingness to shoot long, try to make poor decision, vision or composure players rush into it more
- Cut down slightly on very wayward but not too difficult passes
- Slight tweak to ad hoarding positions

Match v815
- Fixed bug where substituted player doesn’t get full condition boost at end of match
- Further tweak to player willingness to make tackle as long as not on easy tackling
- Made players a little tighter still on ball player
- Small tweak to first touch AI
- Slight increase in accuracy of simple passes and shots

Match v816
- Adjusted tracking of run distance stat
- Fixed players not putting ball out when keeper injured
- Introduced concept of players chasing own header as a means to get ball under control
- Tried to make players quicker to close down pass receiver
- Further tweak to positioning of player marking opponent with ball, including accounting for opponent's pace advantage if applicable
- Slight increase on keepers effectiveness against power shots
- Fixed player set to mark "tall player" at set piece following him out of the danger area
- Fixed players dithering over whether to let ball run out or not
- Minor tweak to accuracy of passes and shots on weak foot

Match v817
- Reduced lateness of some offside calls
- Fixed linesmen putting flag up for offside way too late
- Fixed end of match commentary "manager never looked losing" being called for losing team
- Made players generally react quicker to ball movement around them
- Fixed another issue with players leaving ball to keeper in error

Match v818
- Fixed bug causing player to back off opponent if he deflects ball during the course of marking opponent
- Fixed some low shots being underhit slightly in the ball physics engine
- Reduced effect of weaker foot when only slightly changing direction while on the ball
- Fixed player trying slide tackle and being able to jump up and continue within a second or so
- Slightly reduced accuracy of long shots
- Fixed central midfielders getting dragged too close to ball when its with team mate in wide areas and losing attacking shape
- Dropped highest D-line settings back very slightly, leaving deeper lines pretty much unaffected
- Made players a little quicker to get back behind the ball when defending
- Tweaked off ball movement slightly, to encourage players to attack space from deep a little more willingly
- Made players a little quicker still to close down ball receiver
- Fixed instances of players showing ball player onto a particular foot taking up exagerratedly odd positions as a result

Match v819
- Fixed uneven lateral positioning of 5 man defences
- Made central defender in a 3 less likely to engage opponent with ball until around own area
- General improvements to closing down logic
- Some improvements to marking generally
- Improved defensive play against counter attack
- Improved backline pushing up logic
- Improved compactness of defending team when they lose the ball- Improved player behaviour when letting ball run out of play
- Improved logic of when to leave ball for keeper
- Tried to reduce number of pointless offsides
- Made tricky players more likely to keep hold of ball than pass it off early
- Tweak to general pass choice
- Fixed instance of unrealistic wild clearance
- Reduced instances of very poor first touch
- Make players time runs onto ball over the top a little better
- Improved decision making of player when through on goal
- Reduced instances of unrealistic diving headers
- Try to make certain striker roles look to face own goal more when receiving ball to feet
- Fixed bug where keeper can wrongly let backpass go out of play
- Reduced instances of keepers making very difficult save at point blank range
- Fixed AI bringing on promising young keepers in non friendly matches
- Fixed a case of player running through the goal net
- Fixes to stop ball passing under ad hoardings

Match v820
- AI managers a little less cautious late in matches when expected to win
- Players a little more likely to use strongest foot where possible
- Attacking players a little more likely to move laterally towards the ball when its wide in order to offer support and options
- Other fine tuning to off ball movement into space, and around opposition D-line
- Fixed keepers holding shots they really shouldnt hold
- Made players a little more determined to intercept dangerous balls into area
- Couple of small fixes to marking around own area
- Try to encourage players to dribble a bit more depending on PPM's and instructions
- Small tuning to what is and isnt a clear cut chance
- Improved effectiveness of headers generally
- Made it harder to pass/shoot accurately when moving at high speed

Match v821
- Fixed some pass and cross stats and analysis tracking
- Fixed late offside being called when ball gone out for goal kick so no point it being given
- Tweaked number of offsides down by around 30%
- Fixed keepers going to collect ball from near goal and walking it all the way to corner taker, hence risking being caught out
- Fixed bug causing keepers to fail to smother easy ball at feet of oncoming opponent
- Fixed linesmen not keeping offside flag up for long enough
- Tweaked AI manager overall tactical strategies
- Slight tweak to positioning of low attacking mentality players when team attacking
- D-lines pushed back slightly in certain situations
- Tweak to positioning of players at deeper wide attacking free kicks
- Tweak to delivery of free kicks from deeper wide areas
- Fixed examples of players not being dismissed for clear professional fouls
- Slight tweak to keeper shot stopping abilities
- Fixed players stopping when ball kicked out for injury but it doesnt leave the field for some reason
- Some tweaks to make defenders mark attackers a bit tighter
- Tried to make defence cover better when one of them pulled out of position
- Off ball movement a little less frantic around opposition D-line
- Fixed score divergence between certain build configs
- A few more hopeful long shots as the number had gone down a lot in recent builds
- Slight tweak to headed attempts on goal
- Slight tweak down on number of yellow cards

Match v822
- Rebalanced number of goals slightly
- Fixed keeper sometimes not looking to sweep up through balls

- Players now use appropriate animations when lying down injured with arm or upper body injuries
- Players jumping for the ball and losing out will now use the appropriate heading animations
- Improved tackling animations
- Improved falling down animations
- Fixed a bug where the goalkeeper would sometimes use the wrong animation when distributing the ball up field
- Goalkeepers will now sometimes play appropriate animation when attempting to put a player off when taking a penalty

- Optimised and resized stand textures
- Added some x-ray rendering so that you can see through obscuring stands

Player Models
- Tweaked the skin tones for a couple of ethnicity types

- Improved ball to ad hoarding collisions
- Improved night lighting so that the ball is more visible in difficult lighting conditions
- Optimised shaders to help improve performance in both 2D and 3D
- Tweaked outside pitch shadows
- Fixed some front row crowd distribution issues

- Added support for animated nets